The Journey to 'A Digital Plan'.

How did I end up here in a position where I can say that I  truely understand the nature of sales and can actually help you set up a profitable sales system. 

Well it all started off in 1998 when I decided I wanted to learn the basics of setting up a website. So I went down and got a magazine from the shops with aninternet access with ‘CompuServe’ CD on it and started building an online music magazine.

As I was trying to get traffic I discovered a website called ‘Bomis’ which was run by the guys who would later go on to set up ‘WikiPedia’. One of them called ‘Jimmy Wales’ showed me how I could make money by joining affiliate programs and sending traffic to companies such as Amazon (Who were only selling books at the time) and a number of others including a CD and DVD store. 

From there onward I have been called into companies, primarily start up or early stage, to design and deploy their sales and marketing platforms. Pretty much all of these had very low budget and had to get into profit very quickly!

I recently decided after all these years my vast knowledge must be worth something to I created this website!

Anyway if you get stuck implementing them and want me to help just drop me a message  and I will get back to you ASAP.