The Amazing Social Media Sales Machine

The ‘Amazing Social Media Sales Machine’ is about to smash your sales into orbit!
Here is what you are about to learn…

How This COURSE Is Delivered

We want you to succeed. So we have created this blueprint in a way that you will be able to effectivily copy it over to your system and understand how each section is deployed.

Section 1

Strategy Overview

I want you to understand the strategy that we are going to use from the start so that then I can teach you how each component bolts in as we go through the course.

Section 2:

Indentifying And Understanding Your Customer

Here I show you how to create customer avatars so that you know what your customers problems are and how to convert them into sales.

Section 3:

Stages Of A Sales

I want you to fully understand how a sales is made so that we can create your sales strategy.

Section 4:

Sale Structure

Here I break down further how a sale is structured so that you undestand the elements we will need.

Section 5:

Lead Generation Systems

If you are going to be making massive sales on social media then you need a lead generation machine. Here I show you how to make one!

Section 6:


Email plays a vital part in sales. Here I show you step by step how to set it up.

Section 7:

Content Marketing

You are going to need to prepare content and this is where I show you how to do it.

Section 8:

Sales Systems

Here I show you a variety of sales system you can consider to use .

Amazing Strategy:

Strategy Overview:

Now that you understand social media sales I want to now revisit the strategy so you can see how we are going to deploy it.

Facebook :

Facebook Operating Guide:

Step By Step walk throughout on how to set everything up on Facebook.

You Tube :

You Tube Operating Guide:

You Tube is the most profitable platform to generate customers. Here I give you a step by step walkthrough showing you how to set everything up.


LinkedIn Operating Guide:

LinkedIn is the premier B2B platform. It is also highly. expensive. Here I show you how anyone even with a small budget can operate profitably on it.

Questions And Answers:

Yes if you need anything I am available via email most of the time and at weekends. I want you to succeed so I am willing to be your co-pilot!

This can be used for the majority of agencies working in the creative advertising sector. From ‘Social Media’ to ‘PPC’ and ‘Design’ companies.

Yes the only cost is the course fee. There are no upsells etc.

You need to buy in CRM sofware which you can get for less than $10 per month.

This starts at the absolute beginning and works up so it really doesn’t matter what level you are to start with.

The courses are anything from 3 to 10 hours. The courses are split up into sections which range from 5 minute to 30 minutes videos so you don’t have to sit there and do the full course in one go.

Yes you will get a business invoice which you can use to write off against any tax bill you may have!

No all the courses are pre-recorded. You can go in at your leisure.

You have life time access and get any updates to the course you buy for free.

1.0 : Introduction and Strategy Overview

1.1 : Introduction

An introduction to the 'Amazing Social Media Sales Machine'.

1.2 : Strategy Overview

I want you to see the strategy before we look at all the pieces indivudually then you will understand what we are trying to achieve and how we are going to do it.

2.0 : Indentifying And Understanding Your Customer

2.1 : Creating Avatars

You need to create avatars of your customers so that you can target them with the correct marketing message. Here I show you how to do that.

2.2 : Understanding How and Why They Buy

You need to understand fully how a customer buys and why. Here I show you how to get that information.

3.0 : Stages Of A Sale

3.1 : Atrraction And First Date

Every sale has to start somewere. Here is your first date.

3.2 : Incremental Sales Nurturing Strategy

There is a huge difference between the way a coffee is sold to you in comparison to a selling a car. Here I break down the differences and show you how to do the same with your product or service.

3.3 : Creating An Offer

Creating an offer that people want to buy.

4.0 : Sale Structure

4.1 : Sale Conditions

Breaking down what a clients requires before they will buy from you.

4.2 : Engagement Periods

How to engage with your lead to make them a client.

4.3 : Sell The Problem Not The Solution

Golden rule in selling.

4.4 : State Change

You need to understand how to change the 'state' of an end user so that they will buy your products/services.

4.5 : Minimum Operator Level

This is a concept I created during 2010 that enabled our conversions on SaaS leads to increase to 10% from 3% on free trial to full customer while also reducing customer support cost.

That same principal can be applied to any other industry including retail, coaching, consultancy etc.

It is highly effective for enabling rapid growth of a company.

5.0 : Where It All Starts - Lead Generation

5.1 : Identifying Where Your Customers Are

Right lets find where your dream customer is.

5.2 : Lead Generation Systems

How to build a never ending lead generation machine!

5.3 : Designing The Content and Strategy of A Lead Generation System

Here I do a walkthough showing what content and email strategy is used for a lead generation system.

5.4 : Landing Pages

How to build a high converting landing page. Here I show you the psychology behind building a landing page and the components it contains.

6.0 : Email/CRM

6.1 : The Basics Of Email Marketing

Basic course on email marketing.

6.2 : Tagging and Segmentation

To create targeted marketing you need to understand tagging and segmentation.

6.3 : Email Automation Software Demo

A quick tour of 'Get Response' a highly popular email automation platform.

7.0 : Content Marketing

7.1 : The Content Marketing Ecosystem

An overview of the content marketing system ecosystem.

7.2 : Retargetting On Social Media

The basics of re-targeting on social media.

8.0 : Sales Systems

8.1 : Value Sales Ladders

Value sales ladders are a way to create a product line that increases in price as the value for the customer increases. This is highly effective when coupled with an inbound sales strategy.

8.2 : Trip Wires, SLO and Splinter Offers

Trip Wires, SLO and Splinter Offers

Amazing Social Media Sales Machine

Strategy Overview and Content Preparation

Now that you have worked through the lessons you should have a greater understanding of how we are going to get leads and convert them into customers.

Here I just do a brief recap and look at the content required to do this.


Facebook : Strategy Overview

Here I go through the Facebook strategy before giving you a hands on demo of how to set it up.

Facebook : Lead Generation Form Creation

Live demo showing how to set up the lead generation forms on Facebook and integrate them into your CRM.

Facebook : Campaign Set Up

How to set up your lead generation campaigns in Facebook,

Facebook : Re-Targeting

When we move over to re-targeting this is part of the engagment period of the sales funnel. Here I show you how to set up the retargeting campaigns.

You Tube

You Tube – Strategy

Here I go through the basic You Tube strategy.

You Tube – Setting Up Re-Marketing

How to set up re-marketing in Google Ad Manager for You Tube campaigns..

You Tube – Setting Up Re-Marketing Campaigns With Multiple Videos

How to set up multiple pieces of video. content in the same campaign on You Tube.


LinkedIn – Strategy

Here I go throught the basic LinkedIn strategy. LinkedIn has a number of strategies due to the high pricing of advertising. Here I show you how people with small pockets can advertise sucessfully on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn – Campaign Set Up and Re-Targeting

How to set up campaigns and re-targeting in LinkedIn.

Case Study - SaaS Product

SaaS Sales CRM – Strategy and Structure

Here I go through step by step how to set up and deploy the 'Amazing Social Media Sales Machine' for a SaaS platform. I start at the questions for the personas and show how they are created to then designing out the content strategy and how it is deployed.

This comes with a PDF with the strategy on which you can download.

Case Study - Retail Product

Protein Powder – Strategy and Deployment

Here I go through a from start to finish of a protein powder retail store. Reason I have used this is that I want you to see how you create personas and sell the same product to multiple people.

Attached to this course is a PDF blueprint so you can see the complete strategy from start to finish.

Case Study - Coaching/Consultancy

Coaching/Consultancy – Strategy Blueprint

Here I go through how to set up the an amazing social media sales system for a coaching company. We start by going through the personas and then looking at what content will be required. I then show how to set it up on social media and build out the email system.

Attached is a PDF with the blue print on which you can download.

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