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The main reason why most CPAs are insanely high and traffic isn’t converting is due to the sales funnels being badly set up or aren't set up at all.
What this course will show you is how to set up your sales funnels so that they convert traffic at a much higher rate.

We do this by showing you how to set up your landing pages, content marketing, email marketing, marketing personas, gamification, acquisition UX and the psychology behind a sale.

Sales Funnel Statistics:

Who this course is for:

This course has been designed for:

Companies/Advertising Agencies wanting to improve their CPA and Conversion Rations.

Companies/Advertising Agencies wanting to generate more targeted leads and convert them into sales.

Section 1

What Does A Sales Funnel Comprise Of :

The basic structure of a sale and what how it is built.

Section 2:

The Structure of a Sale:

Here we look at the basic structure of a sale and we start to look at the psychology involved in customer acquisition.

Section 3:

Persona Marketing :

Why persona are vital for marketing and how to create them.

Section 4:

Persuasive Psychology:

The basics of persuasive psychology. Learn how to make expensive products looks cheap!

Section 5:

Email/CRM :

The basics of email marketing and how to incorporate email into your sales funnel.

Section 6:

Basic Gamification :

How gamification can transform your sales and on boarding process.

Section 7:

Acquisition UX :

Why your UX is costing you sales. This section shows you the basics of acquisition UX structure.

Section 8:

Content Marketing :

How you should deploy content marketing and why most content marketing is a waste of time.

Section 9:

Search Engines :

Basic search engine structure for lead generation.

The Blue Print

Quesion, Conditions, Satisfy and then Sell!

You should now understand the components of our sales funnel so lets put them all together!

SaS Solution

Case Study: Sas Solution

Here we take a real life company and show how we would deploy 'Quesion, Conditions, Satisify then sell'!

Retail Outlet

Case Study: Retail Outlet

Basic search engine structure for lead generation.


Case Study: Consultancy

Here we take a real life business consultancy and show you how to deploy 'Quesion, Conditions, Satisfy then sell!'.


Case Study: Online Courses

Here I show you how we sell this course step by step so that you can copy it over to your one!

Retail Outlet

Case Study: Retail Outlet

Basic search engine structure for lead generation.

Questions And Answers:

Yes if you need anything I am available via email most of the time and at weekends. I want you to succeed so I am willing to be your co-pilot!

I honestly believe this can be used for any type of business. If you are having problems deploying any of my concepts then please just message me and I will create a case study for your business showing you how to do it.

Yes the only cost is the course fee. There are no upsells etc.

You need to buy in CRM sofware which you can get for less than $10 per month.

This starts at the absolute beginning and works up so it really doesn’t matter what level you are to start with.

The courses are anything from 3 to 10 hours. The courses are split up into sections which range from 5 minute to 30 minutes videos so you don’t have to sit there and do the full course in one go.

Yes you will get a business invoice which you can use to write off against any tax bill you may have!

No all the courses are pre-recorded. You can go in at your leisure. 

You have life time access and get any updates to the course you buy for free.

1.0 : What Is A Sales Funnel

1.1 : What Does A Sales Funnel Comprise Of

Here we look at the absolute basiscs of what a sales funnel is and how it is structured.

2.0 : The Structure Of A Sale

2.1 : Sale Structure

Here we look at the structure of a sale. When you understand how a sale is structured you can then ensure that your online sale funnel comprises of the same components.

2.2 : Sales Conditions

People don't just buy things. Verious 'conditions' have to be met both conscious and unconscious. You need to evaluate what 'conditions' your clients will want fulfilled before they will purchase your products or services so that you can put these into your sales funnel.

2.3 : Engagement Periods

You can buy a coffee within 10 minutes on your average high street yet it can take months to buy a new car. Here we look at engagement periods and why they matter.

2.4 : Sell The Problem Not The Solution

You need your prospect to identify with you. They won't identify with your solution as they are unaware of it. Here we look at why you sell the 'problem' and not your 'solution'.

3.0 : Persona Marketing

3.1 : Creating Personas

What are 'personas' and why are they vital to product development and marketing? I also show you how to create them for your business.

3.2 : Persona State Change

To achieve a sale we have a 'persona' who is aware they need to buy a product. How do we get them to change their 'state' from 'aware' to 'buyer'.

3.3 : Anti Personas

How do you identify who won't ever buy your product so you can stop marketing to them? Welcome to 'anti-personas'!

Creating Personas

Here I show you from start to finish how to create personas. From the writing of the question to the data analysis. There are also course files with this that you can take away and copy over to suit your requirements.

4.0 : Persuasive Psychology

4.1 : Frames – Priming

'Framing' is a technique which makes people view things through a frame which will give them a 'tinted' perspective.

4.2 : Anchoring

How do you make an expensive item seem cheap? 'Anchoring' is a psychological technique that can make your offer seem very reasonably priced even if it isn't.

5.0 : Email/CRM

5.1 : The Basics Of Email Marketing

Email is the most effective way to constantly remain in contact with your prospect so that you can sell to them. Here we look at the basics of email marketing.

5.2 : Building A Profile in the CRM

You need to create profiles of your client list in the CRM so that you can market to the accordingly. Here I show you how you use tags etc to build up a profile.

5.3 : Lead Magnets

How do you get someone to join your email list? You use a 'lead magnet'.

Email/CRM : Deployment

Here I should you step by step how to set up and deploy an Email based CRM.

6.0 : Basic Gamification

6.1 : Basics Of Gamification

Gamification is the science of why games are addictive and people want to play them. Here we look at the basics of that science and how we can bring that over to sales funnels.

6.2 : Skinner – Operant Conditioning

B.F. Skinner was a psychologist who researched 'operant conditioning' which is the basis of gamification. Here we look at how his research can be used in sales funnels.

6.3 : Gamification Check List

A check list of stuff you need in place to get your gamification working!

7.0 : Acquisition UX

7.1 : Basic Structure

This basic UX structure is not used by 80% of companies and hence the main reason peoples CPAs are so high and their traffic doesn't convert.

7.2 : Landing Pages

A very simple way on how to create high performing landing pages.

8.0 : Content Marketing

8.1 : Basics Of Content Marketing

Content marketing the very basics.

8.2 : Content Marketing Structure

Here we look at how you have to structure your content marketing.

8.3 : Paid Social Media Sales Structure

Here I show you how the content has to change depending on where the lead is in your sales funnel. I also show you the basics on how to close a sale.

9.0 : Search Engines

9.1 : Google PPC – Basic Lead Generation Strategy

PPC is actually a really big subject and can't really be dealt with one one course like this. Here I am just showing a basic structure that I use to generate money.

10.0 : Proof Of Concept

10.1 : Proof Of Concept Sales System – 10 Day Free Challenge etc

'Proof Of Concept' is where you show someone on a small scale that something can work so that they are willing to move forward onto a big scale. This is how '10 Day Challenges' etc are used to sell courses, like this one, online. Here I show you how it is done.

11.0 : Outbound Sales

11.1 : Why Don’t OutBound Sales Work That Well?

Here I show you why cold calling/direct mail etc has horrific response ratios!

11.2 : How To Make Cold Calling A Huge Lead Generation System!

Cold calling actually does work very well and it is possible to achieve response rates of over 30% if you just change the structure of how cold calling fits into your sales funnel.

12.0 : Closing Sales

12.1 : The Basics Of Closing A Sale

Here we look at the basic strategy for closing a sale.

12.2 : Trip Wires, Splinter Offers and SLOs

Here we look at what are 'Trip Wires', 'Splinter Offers' and 'Self Liquidating Offers'. These are all vital to getting a return on your advertising spend.

12.3 : Value Ladders

Value ladders are one of the easiest ways to get a client from being a small buyer up to a large one. This section shows you the structure you need to understand to be able to do this.

Quesion - Conditions - Satisfy and then Sell!

Question, Conditions, Satisfy then Sell : The Basics

'Question, Conditions, Satisfy then Sell' is a system I have created after 20 years in the online customer acquisition industry. Here I show you the basics of it.

Analysing the Conditions and Creating the Questions

You need to ask the right questions to a customer to get them to buy. Here I show you how to figure out what to ask a lead so that they will respond in a positive way and start the sales process.

Creating the Landing Pages

Once you have the questions you will need to create landing pages using them. Here I show you the components and structure you need on a landing page for it to convet.

Setting Up the Email/CRM

Here I show you how to set up the Email/CRM with a live demo.

Deploying Gamification

Here I show you how to deploy gamification.

Content Structure

Here I show you how to structure the content.

Proof Of Concept

Here I show you how. to deploy a 'proof of concept' system.

Closing the Sale

The all important how to close the sale.

Case Study : Hargreaves Lansdown

Building the Sales Funnel For A FinTech Platform

I have never worked for 'Hargreaves Lansdown' but they are a highly reputable company that I actually use for share trading.

Here is how I would deploy their sales funnels if they ever asked me to!

How to Deploy The Sales Funnel

Here I show you how cheap this is to deploy and the technology involved.

The total cost to deploy this is less than $100 on software. There are design costs but you could get them done for less than $100 as well.

Gamification Strategy

How to use the science of 'Gamification' to create active users on the platform and make the marketing go viral! This is actually one of the most powerful fast growth customer acquisition strategies you can deploy.

Case Study : Bulk.com

Building the Sales Funnel For An Ecommerce Retail Store

I love Bulk.com and am one of their customers. I have never worked for them but I am using them as an example as I want to show you how the same product can be sold to very different audiences.

How to Deploy The Sales Funnel

Here I show you how you would deploy the sales funnel ie what technolog etc.

Case Study : A Digital Plan - Affiliate Course

Building the Sales Funnel For An Online Course

I want to show you how I created the sales funnel to sell one of my courses. You can use this exact strategy to sell yours.

How To Deploy The Sales Funnel

Here I show you how easy it is to deploy the sales funnel.

How To Close Sales With Courses

Here I show you how to. close the sale when selling online courses. In this video I show you how you can close in a variety of ways and how you change the content over to closing content so that you can convert the lead over to a paying customer. This should give you quite a few ideas on how you can close for your course.

Case Study : Monday.com

Building the Sales Funnel For A SaaS Company

For years I have used Monday.com as an example of really bad customer acquisition UX and email. The acquisition UX has been radically improved. The Email is still usless.

Here I show you how I would improve it using my system.

How Monday.com Should Build Their Sales Funnel

This is part 2 where I show you how 'Gamification' and 'Cause Related Marketing' can be used to acquire customers and get them self learning on the platform.

Case Study : Sigma Sports

Building Sales Funnels For Ecommerce Stores With High Ticket Value Products

This is a hypothetical example where I show you how I would sell high ticket value tribikes.

One of the biggest mistakes ecommerce stores make is thinking that all they need to do to sell high ticket products is have them listed on their ecommerce store.

This is actually really wrong. Here I show you how I would build out a sales funnel for a high ticket product namely a tri-bike over £10k.

I show you how to generate the leads to the product for free and how to present an offer to the customer. Using a system like this would greatly reduce your marketing spend while also massively increasing your potential client base.

Case Study : Marketing Agency

How To Create A Sales System For a Marketing Agency

This strategy can be used for any type of marketing agency from a social media agency to a full service agency.

By creating a value ladder sales structure it also opens up multiple revenue streams that will pay back for the advertising.

Case Study : Recruitment Agency

How To Turn Cold Calling Into A Lead Generation Machine!

Here I show you how you can increase the cold calling conversion rate from 5% to over 50% simply by adding a few more services and using a sales funnel instead of trying to sell straight away on the phone.

This really isn't that difficult to deploy and greatly increases the revenue opportunity of the company.

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