5 Day Free Email Mastery Course

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Free Email Course

5 Day  Free Email Course
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Section 1

Why Your Email Doesn't Work :

I want to show you why most email marketing doesn't work. Once you are aware of it you can then work on fixing it!

Section 2:

How To Create Personas :

Creating personas is the foundation of all marketing. You need to do this so that you can talk to your target audience and convert them.

Section 3:

How To Build Sequences :

You need to understand how to structure a sequence to make a sale. Here I show you how to build sequences to do just this.

Section 4:

How To Generate Leads :

Understanding email marketing is nothing without leads to market to. Here I show you how to build a lead generation system.

Section 5:

What Email Sequences Do You Need?

Here I show you a breakdown of what email sequences you need.


5 Day Free Email Mastery Course

Day 1 : Why ‘Your’ Email Doesn’t Work!

I am guessing if you are looking at taking this course it is because either your email isn't working very well or you don't have any at all! In this lesson I will teach you why teach doesnt work and how you can fix it!

Day 2 : How To Create Personas

You need to understand your audience so that you can sell to them. Here we do a quick lesson on how we create personas so that we understand their pain points, objections etc so that we can build out an email sales funnel which will turn them into a customer.

Day 3 : How To Build Sequences

A single email on it own rarely generates any sales. Here we look at how you create a sequence which will convert the leader into a buyer over a certain time duration.

Day 4 : How To Generate Leads

You need to be a god at lead generation if you are going to be able to generate big money via email. Here I go through the basics of lead generation.

Day 5 : What Sequences Do You Need

If you don't have a minimum of 6 email sequences you are leaving money on the table. Here I go through the basic sequences most companies need.

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