10 Day Free Sales Funnel Course!

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This is a brief 10 days free sales funnel building course.
You may class yourself as an expert on building sales funnels but we think that just maybe you will find something during this course that you then go on to deploy!

Sales Funnel Statistics:

Day 1:

Proof Of Concept Selling :

Here we give you the inside infor on how free courses are used to sell premium products.

Day 2:

Creating Personas:

Personas are used to find out who is buying your product and why. They are also used to find who should be buying your product but isn't.

Day 3:

Structure Of A Sale :

To fully understand how to create a sales system you need to understand the structure of a sale.

Day 4:

Sell The Problem and Not The Solution:

Really simple concept showing you how to get identification with your target audience.

Day 5:


The science on why games are addicitive brought over to the science of sales.

Day 6:

Persuasive Psychology:

Two psychological techniques that you can use on in your sales.

Day 7:

Acquisition UX:

If you don't have this very simple UX structure in place you will be losing a lot of sales.

Day 8:

Engagement Periods:

It takes longer to sell a car than a coffee. Here we look at how long you have to engage with before you can close the deal.

Day 9:

Closing Sales:

If you can't close sales it doesn't matter how many leads you generate. Here we look at the basics of closing sales.

Day 10:

Sales System Overview

Here we go through the what we have taught you throughout the last 10 days and show you how to piece it together.

10 Day Free Sales Course!

Pre Course Welcome Video – Make Sure You Watch This!

I am going to let you in on a little secret on how free courses like this one are used to sell premium courses.

Day 1 : Proof Of Concept

'Proof Of Concept' is where you show someone on a small scale that something can work on a big scale. This is basically what a free course is. You are showing an end user that you can add value on a small scale so that they upgrade to the paid version.

Day 2 : Creating Personas

Personas are vital when it comes to product development and marketing. Here I show you the basics of creating them.

Day 3 : Structure Of A Sale

All sales have the same structure. Here I break down what it is.

Day 4: Sell The Problem Not the Solution

You need to get identification with the end user hence you sell the 'problem' not the 'solution'.

Day 5 : Gamification

'Gamification' is the science behind why games are addicitive. Here we look at that sciene and how we can bring it over to the sales process.

Day 6 : Persuasive Psychology

Here we look at various elements of psychology and how they can be deployed in the sales funnel.

Day 7 : Acquisiton UX

Bas UX destroys the converstion ratios of over 80% of all sales funnels. Here I show you what you must not do.

Day 8 : Engagement Periods

The engagement period for selling a car is longer than selling a cup of coffee at Starbucks. You need to be aware of the time required to engage with a client before they will buy or you will either push for the sale to fast or wait to long.

Day 9 : Closing Sales

The all important how to close a sale!

Day 10 : Sales System Overview

An overview of our sales system and how it can benefit you.

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