10 Day Free Affiliate Marketing Course

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The Basics of Affiliate Marketing In 10 Days!

Day 1:

The Basics: What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is affiliate marketing and does it work? We explain the terminology and various methodologies used.

Day 2:

Different Types Of affiliate:

There are 3 different types of affiliate. What are they and how do you get them selling for you?

Day 3:

Affiliate Platform V Affiliate Network:

What is the difference between an ‘Affilaite Platform’ and an ‘Affiliate Network’. 

Day 4:

Building Out Sales Funnels For Affiliates:

To get affiliates active they need the right sales tools. Here I show you how to build out sales funnels for them.

Day 5:

Affiliate Features:

What features do affiliates need to be able to generate sales for you?

Day 6:

Where to Find Affiliates:

You are all set up and ready to go now where do you find affiliates to push your program?

Day 7:

Affiliate Marketing Product Placement:

Affiliate marketing places your product differently from normal marketing. Here I show you the difference. 

Day 8:

Training Affiliates:

Affiliate need to training to be able to sell your products. 

Day 9:

Why you Shouldn't Use Cash Back Sites:

You don’t need cash back sites. Here I tell you why.

Day 10:

Why Affiliate Traffic Is The Best Source Of Traffic:

Trust me on this your big sales should be coming from affiliate traffic and here I show you why.

10 Day Free Affiliate Marketing Course!

Day 1 : Affiliiate Marketing The Basics

Here we look at the basics of affiliate marketing and the terminology.

Day 2 : The Different Types Of Affiliate

There are various types of affiliate. Here we look at the 3 different types 'Unattached', 'Related' and 'Involved'.

Day 3 : Affiliate Platform V Affiliate Network

Here we look at the difference between an 'Affiliate Platform' and an "Affilaite Network'.

Day 4 : Building Out Sales Funnels For Affiliates

Each different type of affiliate needs a different type of sales funnel. Here we look at the basics of building them.

Day 5 : Affiliate Features

Here we look at what features affiliates need to be able to generate sales.

Day 6 : Where To Find Affiliates

Affiliate recruitment is crucial in running a successful affiliate platform. Here we look at where you can find them.

Day 7 : Affiliate Marketing Product Placement

This is one thing that I want you to understand about affiliate marketing and why it is so powerful. It is due to the unique way your product is placed within the market that you don't get with any other type of marketing.

Day 8 : Training Affiliates

When you hire a new sales person you train them and give them sales enablement tools. For some reason most affiliate programs think that affiliates can just sign up and start making sales. You need to train them.

Day 9 : Why You Shouldn’t Use Cash Back Sites

If your affiliate program is being pushed by cash back sites you are really doing it wrong. Here I explain why.

Day 10 : Why Affiliate Traffic Is The Best Source Of Traffic

I maybe biased but I think affiliate traffic is 100% the best traffic out there. Here I explain why.

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